Widower in Waiting

I am the Master P of My Fate

You either slanging crack rock or you’ve got a wicked jumpshot – Notorious B.I.G

When I was coming up all my heroes where drug dealers, ball players or rappers.



I never knew any Professionals besides my teachers, and they were all white. The only images I had of Black men were on the court, on the mic, or on the corner.

I have been torn most of my life between the streets and school. The only thing that kept me heavy out of the streets was My T Lady’s Belt/Switch/Extension Cord/Right Hook/Stone Cold Stunner!

You neeeeveeeer asked my mama "WHAT?"

School was my sidehustle. I always had a hustle going, while hooping and trying to get better @ rapping.  Then after my torn ACL, my hoop dreams were crushed.

I attended Mesquite High School and from 2002 – 2005 EVERYONE WAS A RAPPER. Ike Iwu had his own record label SWAT TEAM Records, and our biggest claim to fame was @keketx with her song Debit Card. Fresh off  the slam song “Punchlines” I was all ready to go in with music, but School was supposed to be the SURE way.

That was 6 years ago, and the only thing I am currently sure of is that school was a waste of time. I never dreamed to be a lawyer, doctor etc., and unless you accomplish you dreams, all you have is regret…. and 75K in student loans.

WACKA FLOCKA FLAME, who thinks gunshots are lyrics, will probably be way happier in life cuz he achieved his dream….running a whore house full of semi automated weaponry? POW POW POW POW

I am under more debt than my mom has probably earned in 4 years of her life, but she raised three kids, all high school graduates and college educated. So FUCK my wife, I am through living my life for her. And since I am not getting an anullment/divorce anytime to soon, I got to kill that bitch. Its time to get outta my dreams, and get my dreams out.

I will be a ESTABLISHED songwriter.
I will be a TOURING comedian.

Master P had a Record Label, Rap Career, Movies, TV show, Sports Management Agency, Clothing Line and much more. At one point he was the richer than Russel Simmons and Sean Combs. He has even paved the way for his son Romeo to have a “successful” “rap” career and blackmail his way on to the USC Trojans basketball squad 0_O

I’m done living my life for my bills, its time to live it for me. Master TRP….I am the Master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul…



2 responses

  1. Anonymous Vixen

    Good for you for taking charge of your life before it’s too late. I’m sorry to hear you consider school a waste of time, but I’m not here to change your mind. Keep on keeping on, and try not to have any unplanned children while you’re @ it.

    January 16, 2011 at 9:25 pm

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